Project Description

Soil Moisture for dEsert Locust earLy Survey. SMELLS will implement an innovative approach to combine Sentinel-1 SAR data with thermal-disaggregated SMOS-derived soil moisture to derive a soil moisture product at both high-spatial and high-temporal resolution to provide a new tool for decision-makers in the Desert Locust preventive management system.

Project Details

  • Team

    The Consortium presented in the framework of this project groups together two french institutions: Cirad and Center for the Study of the BIOsphere from space (CESBIO), one company: isardSAT, and five user institutions: Desert Locust Information Service (FAO, UN), Institut National de la Protection des Végétaux (Algeria), Centre National de Lutte contre le Criquet Pèlerin (Mali), Centre National de Lutte Antiacridienne (Mauritania) and Centre National de Lutte Anti-Acridienne (Morocco)

  • Duration

  • Tags

    • Algorithm Development
    • Hydrology
    • SMOS
    • Sentinel-1