isardSAT supports Hypatia I, a female-led mission to the Mars Desert Research Station

12 April, 2023

The nine researchers will stay for two weeks in the Mars analogue station in the Utah desert © Hypatia I

For two weeks, nine women scientists from different ages and backgrounds will conduct high-quality space-related research while simulating their day-to-day life on Mars in the analogue Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in the desert of Utah, in the United States. They are the crew of Hypatia I, an initiative aimed at inspiring next generations – with an emphasis on young girls – in pursuing STEM-related careers, which received financial support from isardSAT.

Hypatia I crew carries out research in engineering, astronomy and space biology, as well as outreach and communication tasks. During the mission, that will take place from April 16 to 29, the Hypatia crew will be confined in a small space and deprived of small luxuries of life on Earth, like a daily shower. This is the first time that nine Catalan women scientists have been selected to carry out a mission in an analogue Mars station, operated by the international non-profit organisation Mars Society.