Sentinel-3 Next Generation Topography

Sentinel-3A Satellite © ESA

The Sentinel-3 Next Generation Topography (S3NG-T) Copernicus Extension Mission is part of the evolution of the current Copernicus Space Component and aims at providing continuity of the Copernicus Sentinel-3 radar altimetry, while increasing the quantity and quality of products and service. The mission will incorporate both a nadir and a wide swath altimeters to provide enhanced continuity of initial first generation observations.

isardSAT provides scientific support for initial variant trade-off and is responsible for the definition of the nadir altimeter (Poseidon-5) for the current phase A-B1 of the S3NG-T mission.


Airbus, Aresys, CLS, isardSAT, TU Delft




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